Having some trouble with league Republic

Just want to let everybody know that we are having some trouble with the way the League Republic is reporting stats.   When we move to the new system they assured me we would have the same reporting as in the past.   Unfortunately it is not currently working that way.   The data is there, we just need to reconfigure it…
I am working with league Republic to configure the stats to reports Legs Wins rather than Set Wins.  My apologies but we will get this fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks…  Jim Nichols League Director

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St Paddy’s Day

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BIG # 3

Check out the BIG details.

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The Sweetheart Shoot – Feb 7th

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Spring 2015 League Signups are Open…

Check Out Spring League 2015

Word Doc can be downloaded PADA-League_Signup-Electronic.docx and send it to jim@portlandareadarts.com via email.

You can also download a PDF form PADA-League_Signup-paper.pdf and bring it to one of our signup night at the Venue of your choice…

- January 19th at D’s Bar
- January 22nd at Ballad Town Billiards
- January 23rd at  Coach’s Sports Bar and Grill



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Fall League Award Presentations and Shoot

Saturday, January 10th

Katie’s Backyard
11307 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Or 97220

Awards @ 1 PM, Shoot @ 2 PM

Format: Blind Draw – Modified Round Robin
$7 Entry Fee,
Bar adds $5/entry and PADA adds $3/entry
100% payout

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Fall 2014 Playoffs

Please see the Fall 2014 – League for detail on the playoffs. 

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2014 Holiday Shoot

This will be another A/B Blind Draw event.

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Turkey Shoot

This is a great event for all skill levels
This will be an A/B blind Draw event.
That means that the list of entrants will be cut in half. The top half (A) and the other half (B) based on skill level. Then the teams will be randomly create with a person from each skill group. The intent is to create competitive teams that have equal chances of winning. We avoid 2 top players and/or 2 beginners from being matched up. The skill level is based on ratings and the discretion of the tournament director.

This process makes the tournament more fun and easier for beginners or lower division players.  It’s a great way to meet and play with folks you may not normally play with.

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All…    we are getting many matched postponed tonight because of Bad weather / freezing rain.    We don’t want anyone getting hurt for the sake of a dart game.   So if you choose to postpone tonight please send me an email indicating you have. Jim@Portlandareadarts.com  For those of you who might brave the conditions, Please be very, very, very, very safe.  

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