We Need Nominees!!!

It’s that time of year! P.A.D.A. BOD Elections!

We have four Board of Directors positions that we are taking nominations for.

Please send your nominations to vote@portlandareadarts.com

Nominations close on 6-9-16.

We will need a Pic and Bio for each nominee to put up on our website.

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Oregon Open Results

Thank You to all who joined us this year! Was great seeing everyone!

Here are the results….


ADO National Qualifier: Chris Lim

301 Singles Blind Draw
 1st  Leonard Gates  S.Sullivan/C.Lim
 2nd  Clay Elledge  A.Bennett/T.Schuesterl
 Top 4  Todd Jordan  B.Powell/M.Dotson
 Top 4  LJ Yinger  A.Plachutin/D.Kapule
 Top 8  R.Freeman/D.Till
 Top 8  J.Meinke/E.Takeuchi
 Top 8  J.Husman/T.Archuleta
 Top 8  A.Heidike/K.Luke
 Top 16  C.Carmichael/R.Wawrzonek
Top 16  N.McIntosh/J.Leonard
Top 16  M.Broom/L.Yinger
Top 16  S.Smyth/T.Jordan
Top 16  R.Notturno/M.Wageman
Top 16 J.Hathaway/J.Gabriel
Top 16 H.Hazen/D.Northern
Top 16 S.Spinler/D.Dreger


Mens 501 Dbls Ladies 501 Sing. Mens Crick.  Sing. Ladies Crick Dbls Mixed Dbls
1st R.Colvard/ C.White  Carole Herriott  Leonard Gates J.Cecava/ K.Jones  C.Herriott/ K.Luke
2nd M.Lim/ J.Springer Jennifer Mounts  Kevin     Luke  A.Baasch/ G.Smith J.Mounts/ J.Springer
Top4 L.Yinger/ R.Whisnant Laraine Hinsen  Patrick   Kithi  C.Hurd/ N.Wageman J.Shaw/ C.White
Top4 J.Hathaway/ J.Newman Christi Durdan  Chris    White  D.Brown/ J.Mounts K.Kawafuchi/ A.Tokunaga
Top8 P.Kaithi/ J.Meinke Dawn Marchand  Jeff  Springer  H.Anderson/ S.Larson L.Hinsen/ A.Lim
Top8 L.Gates/ C.Lim Gwen Smith  L.J.      Yinger  L.Hinsen/ T.McCann  K.Jones/ L.Yinger
Top8 M.Tylzynsk/ S.Minnis Tracey McCann Todd    Jordan  L.Brown/ L.Nelson  S.Lampert/ A.Bennett
Top8 S.Brown/ C.Elledge Teba Archuleta   Andrew Bennett  A.Northern/ L.Sutton  C.Lungberg/ R.Slipher
 Top16  Jeff   Leonard
Top16 Rich Wawrzonek
Top16 Ianto Griffiths
Top16 Ron    Colvard
Top16 Delmar Ferguson
Top16 Jun      Gabriel
Top16 J.D.  Newman
Top16 Jeff      Meinke


Ladies 501 Dbls Men’s 501 Sing. Ladies Crick. Sing. Men’s Crick. Dbls
1st C.Herriott/ S.Letrud  Leonard Gates Jennifer Mounts L.Gates/ C.Lim
2nd J.Cecava/ K.Jones J.D. Newman Teba Archuleta A.Bennett/ K.Luke
Top4 D.Brown/ J.Mounts Andrew Bennett Jess   Cecava J.Leonard/ L.Mead
Top4 L.Brown/ G.Smith Gino    Cano Gwen Smith A.Campbell/ N.Nelson
Top8 C.Durdan/ D.Dreger  Kevin Santos Michele Lenon G.Cano/ A.Lim
Top8 K.Chacon/ M.Peirce Chris White Deeann   Till J.Pope/ R.Slipher
Top8 L.Hinsen/ T.McCann Jeff Springer Stephanie Spinler A.Smith/ R.Johnson
Top8 S.Spinler/ A.Tokunaga  Sean Smyth Suzie Letrud M.Lim/ J.Springer
Top16 Mike Tylzynsk
Top16 Tyler Hayne
Top16 Chris Lim
Top16 Jeff Meinke
Top16 Richard Matteson
Top16 L.J. Yinger
Top16 Melvin Cherry
Top16 Andre Lim
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Spring Singles Playoffs

For details please click the image

Spring Sngls Playoffs-2



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Volunteers Needed for the Oregon Open!

Ok all!!! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The Oregon Open is 4 weeks away! We need your help. There is set up on Thursday the 12th, miscellaneous things to do during the three day of the Open and tear down on Sunday the 15th. Please contact Tom Harrison if you can help out. Those that can spare at least 3 hours will receive a volunteer shirt. Can’t wait to see you all there!!!


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PADA- ADO All-Stars 501

We have four dates for the PADA All-Stars 501 local qualifiers

  • Men’s Qualifier, April 17th 2pm at Coach’s Bar and Grill
  • Men’s & Women’s Qualifiers, April 23rd 3pm at Sellwood Public House
  • Men’s Qualifier May 1st 2pm at The Kings Head Pub
  • Men’s Qualifier, May 7th 3pm at Sellwood Public House

These are Round Robin match’s. Typically One flight of 6 to 10 players.
Entry fee is $15.00 and the Venue will kick in $5 to support you.

Allstar2016-Coachs KH-Allstar-lq


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Sponsor a Dartboard

OO47_postSponsor a dartboard for the 47th Oregon Open for only $55.   (4 or more are $50 each!!!  –   So pool your money)
We will prominently post the Sponsors name or team name & logo next to their board at the Open as well as on the PADA website.   At the end of the Event you take the board home.
(We have 50 boards to sell…  they go fast)

If you are interested in sponsoring a board please contact Jim, Eric or Tom.   We will arrange for your purchases.  Jim@Portlandareadarts.com,  Eric@Portlandareadarts.com,  Tom@Portlandareadarts.com

There are other Oregon Open Packages you can sponsor if you are interested…   For more information see Sponsors Packages

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2016 Spring Fling!

It’s Spring time, so lets kick it off with a fling of a time! We will be starting sign ups at 1pm and Darts fly at 2pm. This will be another steel tip blind draw, format includes 501/Cricket/Choice. All you have to do is bring your darts and $7 to be entered in. Oh and bring your bright beaming smiles too…. those are definitely required! Can’t wait to see everyone!1918870_10153273156881862_5241217527003448749_n

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Results for the 2016 St. Paddy’s Day Shoot

There were 6 teams (12 people) for this shoot. Loads of fun!

Thank you for coming out to shoot!

Arlene Anderson/Will took Third

Amanda Baash/Jeff Post and Jason Merrell/Wendy Mittlesteadt split First and Second.

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Results for the 2016 B.I.G.

There was a great turn out this year! Sorry for the lateness of this. Here are the results of the weekend.

Friday’s Blind Draw

  1. Shaun Lanis/Wayne Cree
  2. Josh Medina/Rob Johnson
  3. Cary Cruz/Richard Matteson
  4. Bart Postle/Rodger Freeman

Saturday- Men’s 501 Doubles

  1. Andy Campbell/Nicholas Cannucci
  2. Patrick Kithi/Jeff Meinke
  3. Alex Baxter/Shawn Espinoza
  4. Jeff Leonard/Mark Wolff

Women’s 501 Doubles

  1. Biatches- Laraine Hinsen/Tracey McCann
  2. Amy Northern/Debra Deger
  3. Bisches- Amanda Baasch/Sara Lampert
  4. Dart Divas- Heather Anderson/Shawn Larson

Men’s 501 Single

  1. Gino Cano
  2. Stevie Shuey
  3. Andy Campbell
  4. Jason Merrell

Women’s 501 Singles

  1. Laraine Hinsen
  2. Barbara Freeman
  3. Heather Anderson
  4. Debra Deger

Mixed Doubles

  1. Jeff Leonard/Debra Deger
  2. Jeff Post/Laraine Hinsen
  3. Jason Merrell/Heather Anderson
  4. Nils Nelson/Tracey McCann
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2016 St. Paddy’s Day Shoot

March 19, 2016. Come on out and see if you have the luck of the Irish on your side for the St. Paddy’s Day Blind Draw Shoot. Signups are at 3pm and darts fly at 4pm. Entry is $7 with a $5 bar add. The format is 501/Cricket/Choice.


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