46th Oregon Open Results!

We had a fantastic turnout this last weekend for the 46th Oregon Open! I know this is a couple days late on getting posted, but here are the results from the weekend:

Friday: 501 National Qualifier – 11 Entrants
Winner: Clay Elledge

Friday: 301DD Singles – 73 Entrants
1st: Leonard Gates – Soldier
2nd: Clay Elledge
Top 4: Chris White
Top 4: Chris Jaramillo

Friday: Blind Draw – 168 Entrants/84 Teams
1st: Kevin Luke – FKL / CJ Lockwood
2nd: Jeff Leonard / Chuck Monteleone
Top 4: Chris Lim / Duane Lusby
Top 4: Larry Mead / Mark Wolff

Saturday: Men’s 501 Doubles – 126 Entrants/63 Teams
1st: Leonard Gates – Soldier / Chris Lim
2nd: Dave Walsh / Sean Smyth
Top 4: JD Newman / John Hathaway
Top 4: Chris Jaramillo / Mark Wolff

Saturday: Women’s 501 Singles – 50 Entrants
1st: Jennifer Mounts
2nd: Kelly Papuzza
Top 4: Corrine Stockton
Top 4: Kim Bellay Rousselle

Saturday: Men’s Cricket Singles – 101 Entrants
1st: Chris White
2nd: Chris Lim
Top 4: Andrew Bennett
Top 4: Jeff Springer Jr

Saturday: Women’s Cricket Doubles – 50 Entrants/25 Teams
1st: Amanda Baasch / Gwen Smith
2nd: Jennifer Mounts / Lisa Brown
Top 4: Laraine Hinsen McCann / Tracey Hinsen McCann
Top 4: Rena Rodriguez / Annette Boyd

Saturday: Mixed Doubles – 142 Entrants/71 Teams
1st: Sean Smyth / Bobbi Jo Moore
2nd: Chris Peake / Rena Rodriguez
Top 4: Leonard Gates – Soldier / Shannon Fry
Top 4: Jeff Springer Jr / Kelly Papuzza

Sunday: Women’s 501 Doubles – 42 Entrants/21 Teams
1st: Jennifer Mounts / Lisa Brown
2nd: Kari Roberts / Dawn Lingham-Marchand
Top 4: Kim Bellay Rouselle / Donna Bisaro
Top 4: Gwen Smith / Kelly Chacon

Sunday: Men’s 501 Singles – 87 Entrants
1st: Chris Lim
2nd: Leonard Gates – Soldier
Top 4: Michael Lim
Top 4: Jeff Springer Jr

Sunday: Women’s Cricket Singles – 26 Entrants
1st: Donna Bisaro
2nd: Lisa Brown
Top 4: Corrine Stockton
Top 4: Laraine Hinsen McCann

Sunday: Men’s Cricket Doubles – 92 Entrants/46 Teams
1st: Chris Lim / Leonard Gates – Soldier
2nd: Todd Jordan / Jeff Springer Jr
Top 4: Andy Campbell / Nils Nelson
Top 4: Jeff Leonard / Robert Thayer

Thank you to all the players that made this year’s 46th Oregon Open a huge success! Looking forward to the 47th Oregon Open already! See you all next year!

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Spring 2015 Singles Playoff

Singles Playoff are scheduled.   I’m still working to confirm a couple of the venues.
Please see the League -> 2015 Spring League link for More detail… Spring-2015_Singles_Playoffs

Thanks  Jim Nichols

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Mother’s Day Shoot

Mothers Day 2015

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Oregon Open Shirt Pre-sales Are Available

Check out the 46th Annual Oregon Open Shirt Sales.

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PADA Qualifier Series for the ADO All Stars 501 Singles…

We have recently changed how we are running the PADA qualifier to be more of a series.   For details on what and why, please see PADA Qualifiers.:

PADA_AllStarQual-2015Here is the schedule for getting to the ADO All Stars 501 Singles National Qualifier in May at the 46th Oregon Open.
If you have any questions please contact Amanda Baasch PADA Local Qualifiers Director or any of the PADA board members.

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O.O.46 Volunteers

Still looking for people to volunteer to help with different aspects of this years Oregon Open. Areas of help needed are:

1. Set-up on Thursday & Tear-down on Sunday
2. Flight Coordinators
3. Raffle Ticket Sales
4. Merchandise Sales
5. Registration
6. Data Entry – Arlene Anderson
7. Announcements – Michael Gibb Minor

Please let me know if you’re available at all to help with things. All Volunteers will receive a free Oregon Open shirt for helping us out.

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St Paddy’s Day

St Paddy's 2015

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Big#3 Results

I would like start off by showing huge appreciation to the bar owner Chris and his staff at Ballad Town Billiards for all their hard work and service to make sure everyone was well taken care of.

Now I want to show the love and appreciation to our players who showed up this weekend. We had several players from Seattle, Sunnyside and Yakima WA areas, as well as players from Sacramento CA area. And our local players from Portland, Salem and Eugene areas for making this our biggest Battle In The Grove event to date.

Now for the results from this weekend:
Fridays Blind Draw drew 48 players,
1st: Kevin Luke/Kari Roberts.
2nd: Derick Sherburne/Jun Gabriel.
3rd: Matt Sagen/Teba Archuleta.
4th: Terry M Bonney / Jim Pope.

Women’s 501 Doubles drew 14 players,
1st: Gwen Smith / Tammie Campbell.
2nd: Debra Jubinville / Liz Fraser.
3rd: Velvet Shade / Teba Archuleta
4th: Amanda Baasch / Sara Lampert.

Men’s 501 Doubles drew 42 players,
1st: Kevin Luke/Matt Sagen.
2nd: Wayne Stuart Cree / Eugenio Cano.
3rd: Jun Gabriel / Zac Galas.
4th: Robert Robert L Thayer / Ian Calhoun.

Women’s 501 Singles drew 13 players,
1st: Debra Jubinville
2nd: Tammie Campbell.
3rd: Gwen Smith.
4th: Liz Fraser.

Men’s 501 Singles drew 35 players,
1st: Kevin Luke.
2nd: Stephen Brown.
3rd: Jason Merrell.
4th: Jeff Leonard.

Mixed Doubles drew 34 players,
1st: Kevin Luke / Debra Jubinville.
2nd: Andy Campbell / Gwen Smith.
3rd: Leslie Coleman / Mistymarie Kit.
4th: Dave Northern / Amy Northern.

Women’s ADO Event drew 5 players,
1st: Gwen Smith.

Men’s ADO Event drew 10 players,
1st: Eugenio Cano.

Finally I want to thank my fellow Board Members, Shawn Hallbrook, Amanda Baasch, Mistymarie Kit Wilks-Salguero, Jim Nichols, and Tom Harrison for all your help with this years B.I.G. Event. We had a fantastic weekend!

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Having some trouble with League Republic

All better now…    After several email exchanges with League Republic, we were able to come up with a solution.   If you go to League Republic player statistics, you will see we’ve cleaned up the columns and now have true leg win% posted for both 501 and Cricket.
Thanks…  Jim Nichols League Director

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St Paddy’s Day

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