$1K – Halloween Shoot

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$500 Blind Draw

500 Draw (2)

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Fall Seasons Captains meeting

Reminder…   Our Fall Seasons Captains meeting is September 15th 7pm at the Horse Brass.   For those teams who have not paid their Fall Team fees, please be sure to bring Shawn her money.   We will be covering some Rule changes and the coming year’s events.   League Play will begin the following Thursday…  September 18th. 

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$1000 Halloween Shoot, Saturday October 25th@ Sellwood Public House, 8132 SE 13th Ave, Portland OR. $15 Per Player buy in & Minimum 22 teams. Sign ups 3pm Darts fly 4pm. There will also be a fun costume contest so come see us and have fun!!!

$1000 halloween shoot

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We are having a members meeting Saturday Aug 23rd between 3pm and 5pm@ Moon and Sixpence. We look forward to seeing you there for your thoughts and feedback!!! SEE YOU THERE

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Are you ready for the PADA monthly shoot. This will take place September 13th at Ballad Town Billiards, Forest Grove, OR 97116. Sign up starts@4pm Darts fly@5pm see you there!!!

$500 September Shoot 2014 PADA

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There’s a PADA meeting being scheduled so that members can tell the board how things are going and share ideas. The board will also have some information about the association to share. The meeting will take an hour or 2, it’s up to you as to how long we go. After the meeting we’ll have a blind draw.

Below are some dates we thought would be good for this meeting.
Please vote for the option that’s best for you. You can register your votes on the PADA Facebook page or by sending by sending an email to Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com. Please vote by next Saturday, August 8th.

Proposed meeting dates
Saturday, August 22 @ 5pm
Saturday, September 6th @ 5pm
Thursday, September 11 @ 7 pm

1. Quick Rule Reviews: Subs (ringer rule), forfeits, Codes of conduct, captains responsibilities
2. Board Roles and Responsibilities
3. Financial Review from the Treasurer
4. Year in review: events (A/B blind draws, BIG, Portland Open, $500 shoots, do you want brings?)
5. Oregon Open review
6. A voice for the members – how do we do this?
7. Questions and concerns

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Fall League Sign Ups

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2014 Outdoor Shoot

The Annual Outdoor Shoot is this Saturday, July 19, 2014. Sign Ups at 3PM.
It’s at the Moon and Sixpence.

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Board of Directors voting

As you all should know by now, we are taking votes for the 2014-2015 PADA Board of Directors.  A few things to note:

- PLEASE put your name on the paper ballot if you vote in that manner.  We need to ensure that only one vote per person is counted
- You can give your vote to another person who is not listed on the ballot.
- If you fill out a ballot, please give it to Dee, Eric, or myself.


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