Non Profit status

PADA members…  to make sure the PADA board is transparent with the association, we need to let you know that last Wednesday afternoon (Feb 8th) we received notice that PADA had lost its Non-Profit status.  Apparently, PADA had neglected to file with the Oregon Secretary of State in 2013 and 2015 as well as file appropriate IRS forms causing our Non-Profit status to be automatically revoked in August 2014.

We are currently working to have our Non-Profit status retroactively reinstated in accordance with processes for the IRS and the Oregon Secretary of State.  Until this is done, PADA cannot claim to be a Non-Profit organization.  This will have little noticeable effect on PADA activities.   We will continue to do all the things we have done in the past… League, Qualifiers, Monthly shoots, Major events, etc.

It does mean PADA will need to complete the Non-Profit reinstatement process as quickly as possible so we can return to a simpler reporting process with the Oregon Secretary of State and IRS.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact;
Jim Nichols, PADA President
Eric Kristich, PADA Vice President.

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