Results for the 2016 B.I.G.

There was a great turn out this year! Sorry for the lateness of this. Here are the results of the weekend.

Friday’s Blind Draw

  1. Shaun Lanis/Wayne Cree
  2. Josh Medina/Rob Johnson
  3. Cary Cruz/Richard Matteson
  4. Bart Postle/Rodger Freeman

Saturday- Men’s 501 Doubles

  1. Andy Campbell/Nicholas Cannucci
  2. Patrick Kithi/Jeff Meinke
  3. Alex Baxter/Shawn Espinoza
  4. Jeff Leonard/Mark Wolff

Women’s 501 Doubles

  1. Biatches- Laraine Hinsen/Tracey McCann
  2. Amy Northern/Debra Deger
  3. Bisches- Amanda Baasch/Sara Lampert
  4. Dart Divas- Heather Anderson/Shawn Larson

Men’s 501 Single

  1. Gino Cano
  2. Stevie Shuey
  3. Andy Campbell
  4. Jason Merrell

Women’s 501 Singles

  1. Laraine Hinsen
  2. Barbara Freeman
  3. Heather Anderson
  4. Debra Deger

Mixed Doubles

  1. Jeff Leonard/Debra Deger
  2. Jeff Post/Laraine Hinsen
  3. Jason Merrell/Heather Anderson
  4. Nils Nelson/Tracey McCann
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