Fall 2015 – League

Fall 2015 Singles Championship Playoff are scheduled.

The order of finish will determine placement in the knockout playoffs best, race to 3.

  1. To be eligible for the season Singles Championship Playoffs, a player must have participated in a minimum of 60% of the scheduled available regular season matches in that category of game (Cricket or 501).
  2. Only the Top 4 singles players in each division, for each game, will be invited to the championship playoff after the last regular season match is played. This will determine the individual champions for 501 and Cricket, in each division.
  3. The standings for the top 4 singles players shall be based on the following as they pertain to the specific singles category of game 501 or Cricket. 2015FallSingles-2
    First Highest percentage singles wins for that category game during regular season.
    Second The most singles legs played in that category of game between the tied Players.
    Third A tiebreaker playoff leg will be scheduled for that category of game.
  1. Singles Championship playoffs are noted on the Division Schedule Page in the team packet.
  2. Matches can be rescheduled in a special situation if approved by the board.
  3. The location and time for each division’s playoffs will be announced by the League Director at the end of the regular season.
  4. If a player does not attend the scheduled event it will be considered a no-show. If a no-show occurs, those players ranked behind them will ascend in their placement. (e.g. If Seed #2 does not show, seed #3 takes the 2nd  seed spot and the #4 seed takes the 3rd seed spot.   Seed # 4 will not be filled and seed #1 will receive a bye.)
  5. The format is Knockout:
    1. 1st place plays 4th place and 2nd place plays 3rd the winner of these 2 matches plays each other.
    2. The matches are the best of 5 Legs.


Regular Season League – September 17th through November 19th
Post Season Championship Playoffs – Semis Dec 3rd, Finals Dec 10th.
Singles Championships  Dec 17th Venues to be announced

Fall 2015 Team Placement Analysis

Fall 2015 League Rules of Play

Special Rules for C&D Crossover Divisions:

In Division Play:  

  • You will note when you look on League RepublicTeam Standings for C or D divisions, there is an additional column.   “Div Wins“…  These are In-Division Wins and are how the teams are ranked for position.   You can win all your crossover matches having a higher number of total match wins, but be positioned behind a team that has won more in-division Match’s.
  • Each division will have its own singles championships based on the In-Division matches only.   See “Player Statistics” with C or D checked exclusively.
    (Do not check (include) “C&D Divisions” for singles championship standings.)


Cross Division Play:

  • Crossover Legs Won / Lost are included as part of the tie breaker if teams have the same number of in-division wins.
  • Individual players win/loss ratios will include the crossover records as part of their Fall 2015 season rankings.  (There is only a 0.6 difference between the two division’s averages. This is why we consider doing crossover play…)
  • We will also include individual achievements from the crossover matches
    g. 180, 9cts, Hi-Ons, Hi-Outs… etc.
  • Forfeits rules still apply…   all matches must be played with the exceptions for acts of God.

If you have any questions please fees free to contact Jim Nichols at