2016 Board Election

Current members…  please vote for 4 Candidates to serve on the board.
Votes will be accepted by email at Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com or paper ballot provided at PADA events. Member’s names that vote will be captured to ensure only one ballot is accepted per PADA member.  If a member submits more than one ballot only the first ballot will be counted. No details of a members vote will be shared/published ensuring the anonymity of the elections process.  (See BoD Election Process for more information)
For question please contact Amanda Baasch PADA 2016 Election Coordinator top 10 online casinos sites

Your 2016 PADA Board Candidates:

Dee_BrownDee R Brown – I am running again for a Board of Directors’ position. Most of you know me as I have been a member of the PADA for the past 16 years, have served on the board previously, and have been playing darts somewhere in the country for 30 years.

I want to help the PADA grow membership and I want to promote women’s darts in a manner that helps everyone achieve their goals. Maybe we can work on how to get more youth involved, I would love to hear ideas and gather input from everyone.

Having worked on the Oregon Open for 6 years running now, I also want
to help us grow that event yet keep our local feel to it. We’ve been steadily improving our systems and I would like to help keep that momentum going.

In my real life job I own and operate The Silver Dragon Logic Company, a Data Base and Software development company but I am mostly retired at this point in time. This means I have lots of time for darts and for promoting and growing darts!

As a Board Member I will be talking with the PADA membership to get your ideas on what you would like to see or do better to make the PADA a great place to play Darts.  I would appreciate your vote. Thanks Deidre

JDN-DrtsJim Nichols – By now most PADA members know me.   I have been playing Darts on the west coast for forty years and a PADA Board Member for the past four.

When I started on the Board I thought this would be simple, I would fix all PADA’s problems.   Everything would run much smoother and everyone would love everything I did!  Well, the last 4 years I have done almost ever role on the board and I can tell you, reality is a bitch! virtual trading card games

Every member of the association has a strong opinion on how things should be done and I have found that none of you are bashful about expressing your thoughts and opinions.   But in that same breath I can say from the “Hardcore Competitor” to the “Social Good Timer”, every member I have talked to wants PADA to be the best possible Darting Experience.  I have learned the best thing to do is take all players opinions to hart and find that consensus that gets us all playing darts.  This is a great community of people who enjoy the competition and camaraderie.

My goal for the next 2 years is to grow our associations membership.   As many of our members improve their skill, we are not bringing new members in.   I think new members is critical to making PADA a strong and healthy organization. I am asking for your vote so I can help PADA grow the sport we all love.   Jim Nichols  us online bingo

MiaPeirceMia Pierce – I’m interested in Helping as the ADO Rep for PADA. slot machine game online


SaraLampert2.jpgSara Lampert – I started Playing Darts only a few years ago and have fallen in luv with the sport!
For those of you who know me, I can’t do anything halfway.  I started supporting our local Dart Community by helping to run some of the local PADA events as well as the Portland Open, BIG and Oregon Open.After joining the PADA Board last year, I am in constant wonder as to how amazing this dart community is.  I have seen this community pull together to support their own.  Organizing benefit shoots for our friends in need, or for those we have lost.  There are so many different people from different backgrounds and places coming together to enjoy the game and the competition.I would really like your vote.   When I am reelected I want to focus on publicizing our community as that great place for Camaraderie and Fellowship.  I think this is the heart of PADA and where is an opportunity to grow the dart community, bring in new players, get more teams playing, come up with new events and places to play.   Portland is a huge area with lots of people wanting to play and we, PADA are ready for steel tip darts to grow. Thank you for your support, Sara Lampert
 ShawnLarson2Shawn Larson – I’ve been playing darts since 1993, and I am currently on the Board of Directors. I am running again for a postion on the Portland Area Dart Association board for the 2nd time in 20 years!   I feel that my past and present experience in my current position brings PADA a sense of cohesiveness, and I love to promote our PADA and bring in new players!!! I am a nurse for my day job, and dartaholic by night! I have 2 beautiful daughters who also played softtip when they were growing up, in teen adult leagues. My oldest, Amanda Baasch, started playing steeltip last season, and is a force to be reckoned with already! I started out playing softtip in the Softtipper and Medalist leagues, 4-5 nights a week! Steel tip was introduced to me by my ex husband, a very very high ranking player, and I was hooked even more with the help of Dee Philips, Roger and Lori Christal, Rich Patterson, and many other ‘old school’ players, I only got better!  For me, darts is a way to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones.  It also gives me a chance to travel, which I absolutely love!!  I’m forever grateful to those who have helped me play in tourneys from Oregon to New York.. and all the places in between!  The advice I have gotten from the amazing players like Paul Lim, Stacey Bromberg, Phil Taylor has been encouraging. I have an amazing group of friends, softtip and steeltip, in which our kids have all grown up together!  I have been playing for the last couple of years with my closest and dearest friends, the Biatches-Heather Anderson Laraine Hinsen, Tracey McCann. Nowadays, darts is more of a social, less competition hobby.. Rodney Walker II calls me ‘the den mother of darts’ and I guess that fits!!!