Summer 2016 – League

Summer Singles is now scheduled.

I confirmed the last two players today.   10 weeks, 7 PM June 23rd through September 1st.  (we are not scheduled to play on June 30th because of the 4th of July Holiday.)

There are three divisions… Red (6), Blue (8), Green (8)…     Having 22 people playing Singles, all out of Sellwood Public House means we will be using 11 Boards.
(That is capacity for this Venue.)
First Come First Served, so make sure you are there early to get a good spot.

The format is five legs each of 501 DIDO, Cricket, and Yorkshire 301.
(For Red and Green divisions, 301 will be DIDO.  For Blue division it will be SIDO)
15 legs is a lot of Darts so again be there early!

Green and Blue divisions, please Note.   Because we only have 10 weeks you will play everyone in your divisions once.   And in the last 3 weeks you will play opponents that are closest to your ranking.   Everyone will have the same number of legs played at the end of the season.

Please see the schedule on League Republic (LR)
(Login in the upper right corner of the web page)

If you have not logged into, LR before, LR will be sending you an invitation via email.  (Please make sure you can log in as soon as possible. If you can’t login by end of day tomorrow, please let me know via email of call!)    I have no control over LR login IDs or Passwords.   I can only tell LR what your email address is.   As with standard league, I think only the Winner of that week’s match will need to enter the results in LR no later than midnight Saturday.

I am looking forward to a great summer league.
Jim Nichols, PADA League Director.