Battle in the Grove – 5

Ballad Town Billiards (aka Katz) is a great dart venue.
If you love 501 this is the tournament for you.
Friday night we’ll have the Bind Draw event which is always a crow favorite.
Saturday, the Mixed Doubles give you a chance to warm up your darts before going into your singles.  And if you are out early, we have plenty of side shoot action to keep you at the Oche.  The Singles Double Elimination format keep you there so one bad set does not end your chance for ADO point.   And don’t forget the Doubles

Come Joint us at one of the best Steel Tip Dart events in the Northwest! 

We’re working with the local hotels on some deals for dart players. More to come on that front.  for now here are some options:

The McMenamins Grand Lodge is right down the street.
Best Western University is a 3 star hotle
Forest Grove Inn is the no frills option with mostly good reviews