PADA Premier League

For the past couple years some of us have been talking with players about a league targeted at our Master and Advanced players.   We have heard encouraging feedback and would like to hear from the entire Membership.

Please tell us on our PADA Facebook site what you think about a PADA Premier League.
If there is interest, we will look at starting it up this Spring.  If that goes well, we will look at starting a Double A League for our Skilled and Tyro ranked players.

PADA Premier league is intended to be a companion to our regular Thursday night Travel League.
It will be a cash league where current PADA members with rankings of Advanced or Master will have an opportunity to play the best PADA has.  We are considering Mondays or Wednesdays to avoid conflicting with other dart leagues/events.


  • Each team will consist of 2 players with their combined PADA ranking between 16 and 28 points.
    See your PADA Ranking

    • Only players with PADA current rankings are eligible to play in this league.

    • Only one Master player per team is allowed.

  • In Singles, the top ranked players will play each other and the second ranked players will play each other in both 501 SIDO and Cricket.

  • The number of teams playing will determine the length of the season.

    (e.g. 8 teams would be a 14-week season with each team playing the other teams twice in a round robin, or 16 teams would be a 15-week season with each team playing the others once in a round robin. )

  • Venues will be selected by PADA in a 20-mile radius from the center of the Burnside bridge.

    • PADA will negotiate with those venues as partners to help support the league.

      That is there will be no home or away team.  Teams will be rotated through venues as much as is possible based on location of the players and the participating venues.

  • The cost per team is still TBD… we are thinking something like $150 to $200 per team.  Maybe $50 up front and $10 per week until fully paid in.  TBD…

  • Payouts are still TBD… examples: Win% like summer singles or some kind of post season playoff…

As we said, this is all open for discussion.   Bottom line our choices of how and what will be guided by your feedback and our ability to implement it.

PS: About PADA Player Ranking.