Monday Singles

Singles is now on Mondays! We are planning on having 3 seasons of Singles going forward.  Summer, Fall,  and Spring.  We are now in Summer Season.  We have moved to Monday for oh so many good reasons!

Sign ups Close Sunday June 10
Play starts Monday June 18
No Darts Monday July 2
Season Ends Monday August 27
Cost to play $40 (Must be a member of PADA)

Q Division (AKA AA):

This division will be playing for an invitation to Metro Dart Club’s next season. MDC Elite Singles is an invitational only singles league. Winning PADA’s Q-Division is one of the few ways you can earn your spot.

Any pre-qualified players that are playing in the division will be ‘passed over’ when awarding the invitation.

Format is 5 sets of race to 3 (Best of 5)
All sets are 501

Q Division will be at the A&L

We would like to run the Q Division on Dart Connect instead of League Republic. This means scoring on the tablets for EVERY GAME. Using the app provides a great set of statistics AND it allows people from home to follow the league. Those are just a few of the many benefits. MDC (READ NILS NELSON, thank you very much NILS!!) has generously offered to sponsor the cost of this for this season. I (Dee Brown) am more than happy to help anyone learn the app, and to run the league. We know that at least half of the players are on board with this. We are hoping the rest of you will be too!

B/C Divisions:
Format is 5 sets of race to 2 (Best of 3)
Sets are 501/Cricket/501/Cricket/501

B/C Divisions will be at BC’s.

B/C will run on League Republic “as usual” and no tablets required (but you are of course allowed to use them if you wish)

Payouts for all divisions are scoring are SET BASED and paid at 90% of the pot.

Please see the schedule on League Republic (LR)
(Login in the upper right corner of the web page)

If you have not logged into, LR before, LR will be sending you an invitation via email (I will need your email please).  (Please make sure you can log in as soon as possible. If you can’t login by end of day June 14, please let me know via email, message or call!)    I have no control over LR login IDs or Passwords.   I can only tell LR what your email address is.   As with team league, only the winner of that week’s match will need to enter the results in LR no later than midnight Thursday.

Reschedules and Unplayed Matches:

If you need to reschedule a match, please let your opponent and the League Directory know by 4pm. Please provide the date that you are going to make up the match within 48 hours. Again, please let the League Director know what that date is. We ask that you play your make up match at your originally scheduled location. The venues do contribute to the league, for the reason that matches occur at their location, so please honor that and try to play your matches at the venue that is sponsoring your league.

If at the end of the season you have unplayed matches, they will be forfeited. Neither player will earn points for those sets. The total number of sets available for that division will be reduced by those unplayed sets and the $ per set will be adjusted accordingly.

I am looking forward to a great summer league.
Dee Brown PADA President