Organizational Bylaws

Section I – Purpose

  1. Name
    • The name of the Organization shall be the Portland Area Dart Association (PADA).
  2. Purpose
    • The Purpose of PADA shall be to educate the public about and promote competitive steel tip darts, coordinate and establish the activities of darts, enhance league play, develop tournament play, and establish friendly relationships with similar organizations. The PADA is a charitable organization with no religious or political affiliation.
  3. Mission Statement
    • The PADA’s mission is to educate the community and provide an opportunity for steel tip dart players of all levels to reach their maximum potential regarding ability as well as sportsmanship, and to develop camaraderie with other dart enthusiasts in the greater Portland community.
  4. Boundaries
    • The boundary of the PADA extends from the center of Portland (Burnside Bridge/ Willamette River), thirty (30) miles in any direction. This includes: Vancouver, Washington, Forest Grove, St Helens, Sandy, Woodburn, Oregon, and Oregon City, Oregon. Travel time for each division will be considered upon making up the league schedules.

Section II– Members/ Sponsors

  1. Members
    • Membership is open to anyone who expresses an interest in steel tip darts and pays a yearly membership fee.
    • Members may attend any meeting of the Board of Directors and express any concerns to the Board, however members do not vote on Board decisions.
    • Members under the age of Twenty-One (21) may not drink alcohol and are subject to the rules of the venue hosting any event or league play.
  2. Fees & Dues – The following is the fee schedule. Dues must be paid according to the schedule
    • $30 = Yearly membership fee (Pay by Jan 31st).
    • $60 = Team fee (payable by the players of a team before 1st match of that season)
    • $40 = Venue fee (to be paid by the venue for the purpose of hosting and sponsoring a team, payable by the venue before 1st match of that season)
    • $10 = PADA Associate membership only (Pay before participating in an ADO sanctioned event to receive points)
    • The amount of member dues and team fees as well as the sponsor fee may be set or revised by the Board of Directors majority vote.
  3. Lifetime members
    • Members do not pay annual dues and shall receive a lifetime achievement award to reflect their outstanding contribution to PADA.
    • One Lifetime Member per year may be selected and presented an award at the Oregon Open Tournament.
    • Lifetime Members are to be determined by a vote of the PADA Board of Directors.
  4. Members Code of Conduct
    • Members shall strive to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct is conduct that unreasonably lessens the enjoyment of playing darts or which would unreasonably discourage others from participating in league play. This includes but is not limited to: purposefully injuring another, angrily throwing objects or breaking equipment, cheating during league or tournament play, harassment and/or heckling of others.
    • Members must comply with all of the rules, laws, and regulations of the PADA, Federal Government, local government, and the venue hosting any event, including league play.
    • Members assume responsibility for their own consumption of alcohol. The PADA does not supply alcohol and is not responsible for alcohol related accidents or injuries.
    • Members who do not comply with these rules may be sanctioned or their membership
      terminated by a majority vote of the Board. See Rules Section for further information on Sanctions.

Section III – Rules

  1. Equipment
    • The PADA is not responsible for supplying steel tip darts or boards for league play; however, the PADA may help venues and individuals with their set up upon request.
    • All members of the PADA shall secure their own set of three steel tip darts for league play and tournament play.
    • Dartboards should be standard English Bristle Boards, set up as close as practical to American Darts Association (ADO) specifications.
  2. Rules
    • Wherever practical, the formats and rules of play as provided by the ADO shall be adhered to, unless otherwise specified by the Board.
    • The Board shall publish seasonal rules, which shall be included in the Captain’s Packet distributed at the Captain’s Meeting before every season of league play.
    • Each team Captain must keep a copy of the rules and refer to the rules if any dispute arises during league play. Captains must notify the Board of significant rule disputes within a week of the occurrence.
  3. Sanctions
    • If a Member purposefully damages the venue, throws darts at anything or anyone other than the dart board, injures, cheats, deceives, heckles, harasses, or otherwise acts in a highly unsportsmanlike manner, that Member may be sanctioned by the Board.
    • Members may be sanctioned for habitual or blatant disregard for league rules.
    • Sanctions may include fines, temporary or permanent termination of membership, verbal admonishment, or police involvement for criminal activity.
    • The Board will determine sanctions after a scheduled meeting of the Board where the offending Member(s) will have the opportunity to be heard. The offending member(s) must be given at least twenty-four (24) hour’s notice of said meeting.

Section IV – Board Meetings/ Elections/ Decisions

  1. Board Positions
    • The annually elected Board of Directors (BoD) shall consist of seven (7) members.
    • The BoD Members shall serve two (2) year terms, and may be reelected after such term. There shall be a six (6) year maximum in each position.
    • There are multiple roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors. These are assigned across the seven (7) board members to ensure all aspects of PADA business are covered.  (Roles are described in Section VIII)
  2. Meetings
    • Open meetings of the Board should be held on the first Monday of every month at a place and time to be determined by the Board. Meetings may be rescheduled as necessary.
    • Board meetings are open to all PADA members. Members may comment or present information to the board after the regular agenda of the Board has been completed.
    • Other meetings of the Board may be scheduled with notice (as many types as possible, ex: phone and email) given to all Board members at least (24) hours in advance of the start of the meeting. Notice should be given at least one week in advance if possible.
    • If a meeting lasts more than two (2) hours, the Board may vote to adjourn and continue the meeting at the next possible date.
  3. Registered Agent
    • The Secretary or Treasurer can be the Registered Agent of the PADA and must file with the IRS and register with the Secretary of the State of Oregon each year.
  4. Elections
    • Elections will be held yearly in July at a meeting of the Board. PADA Members, including Board Members, vote to nominate and then elect the Board.
    • Three (3) positions in odd numbered years and four (4) positions in even numbered years will be up for election.
    • Notice shall be given to the Membership one (1) month before a vote to elect Board Members.
      This provides Members an opportunity to present themself or another as a candidate for a board position.
    • The Board can suggest nominees to members.
  5. Vacancies on the Board
    • If a vacancy appears mid-term, the board may seek to immediately fill a vacant Board position by Board nomination and subsequent Board vote.
    • The Board shall strive to nominate and elect a Director whom they feel will be responsible, skillful, interested in important decisions, trustworthy, and a good ambassador for the game of darts.
  6. Board Decisions
    • A majority of the Board, four (4) Board members of seven (7), shall constitute a Quorum for voting purposes.
    • At least four (4) board members must be present at a Board meeting to conduct business.
    • Issues requiring a vote, should be formulated, discussed, and voted on at the Monthly Board meeting if at all possible. Emergency or time sensitive voting, and issues of minimal importance may be voted on by email or regular mail. Email votes shall be added to the PADA minutes at the next regular Board meeting.
    • Upon request of a Board Member, any vote may be conducted at Board Meeting by secret ballot. Secret ballots shall be collected and counted after the vote by the Secretary.
  7. Code of Conduct for Board Members –
    • It is understood that a Board position is a great responsibility and that a Board Member is an ambassador for the game of darts. It is expected that Board Members conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism when dealing with venue owners, PADA Members, other dart organizations, and players. Failure to do so, or repeated failure to fulfill Board duties may result in a removal from the Board by a simple majority of the other board members.

Section V – PADA Committees

  1. PADA shall maintain several Committees
    • Committees serve an important function in PADA’s promotion and playing of steel tip darts
    • For a Committee to exist, each committee must consist of at least one Board Member and one other PADA Member.
    • Committees and Committee Members may not issue or distribute PADA funds, nor may they vote on Board decisions.
    • The PADA Committees may include but are not limited to: The Oregon Open Committee, ADO Committee, PADA League Committee, Singles League Committee, Elephants Tale Committee, Website Committee, Community Relations Committee, Tournament Committee… etc.

Section VI– Liabilities/ Dissolution

  1. Insurance
    • The PADA may purchase and maintain liability or other insurance, as the Board deems appropriate. The Treasurer may also be bonded in such amount as the Board determines.
  2. Dissolution
    • Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.

Section VII- PADA Bylaws

  1. Amendments to the Bylaw
    • The power to alter, amend or repeal the Bylaws, or adopt new Bylaws shall be vested in the Board.
    • Such action may be taken at a regular or special meeting of the Board for which written notice of the purpose shall be given in advance of the meeting.

Section VIII – PADA Board Of Directors

  1. Duties of the Board Members
    • All Board Members shall uphold the mission of the PADA
    • There are multiple roles and responsibilities associated with the Board of Directors. One or more of these roles will be assigned to each of the board members to ensure the smooth and effective operation of PADA business
    • These roles are subject to change as the needs of the association change

Association President – Run the business of PADA

  • Provide coordination and oversight of Board member deliverable ensuring responsibilities are assigned and carried out.
  • PADA business contact to the American Dart Organization
  • Establishes Agenda and Chairs PADA Board Meetings
  • Responsible for setting yearly goals and objectives
  • Signature on PADA agreements and bank accounts
  • Mediation of PADA issues and member disputes.

Travel League Director – Organizes & manage play
(Spring, Summer and Fall Traveling Leagues)

  • Maintain player & team ranking system for league play
  • Accept applications and establish division schedules for seasonal league play.
  • Collect money from the players and venues for the season delivering it to the PADA Treasurer.
  • Capture and publish results for league statistics
  • Acquisition and delivery of trophies and honors for seasonal league play
  • Maintain and revise rules of play for the League as ratified by the PADA Board

Pub Leagues Director – Organizes & Manages play 

  • Solicits agreement with local venue sponsors to support weekly league play specific to that venue
  • Take applications and establish division schedules
  • Collect money from the players and venues for the season delivering it to the PADA Treasurer.
  • Capture, publish and pay out results for league.
  • Maintain and revise rules of play for the League as ratified by the PADA Board

Treasurer – Ensure PADA fiduciary and tax liability responsibilities are met

  • Maintains PADA’s bank account and shall be a valid signature thereof.
  • Review PADA financial records Quarterly with the Board. (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st & October 1st .)
  • Files with IRS and Oregon Secretary of State annually as the Registered Agent of PADA

Secretary – Maintains permanent record and archives.   

  • Capture and archive Board meeting minutes.
  • Archive filings with IRS, receipts, bank statements, budgets and regulatory compliance.
  • Updated and publish revisions of PADA By- Laws

Association Vice President – Support the association President in the running of PADA business

  • Provide coordination of Board member deliverables.
  • Support the yearly goals and objectives of PADA BoD.
  • Will cover or ascend to the Presidency temporarily if the President is unable to fulfill their role.   (If required the Board of Directors will appoint a new President at its earliest convenience)

Marketing – Promotion of the PADA Brand and attract participation in PADA Leagues & Events

  • Plans to expand steel tip dart play inside the PADA district boundaries. (i.e. increase PADA membership)
  • Marketing plans for special events (w/ Events Director)
  • Head or serve on one or more committees as needed
  • Execute special project as defined by the PADA Board

Communications Director –  Keeps the membership informed, having a voice in the operation of PADA

  • Provide updates to PADA’s membership on plans and events.  (Channels: Web, FB, email, PADA forums, etc.)
  • Solicit feedback from the PADA membership acting as the advocate for the PADA Membership

PADA Monthly Events Director 

  • Manage the logistics, promotion and venue provisioning for Monthly events – Monthly shoots…  (Holiday, Outdoor, Turkey, St Patrick, Valentines, etc.)
  • Special tournaments

Major Events Director –

  • Manage the logistics, promotion & venue provisioning of PADA events sanctioned by ADO
    (Oregon Open, Portland Open, Battle in the Grove)
  • Ensure all ADO sanctioned events are appropriately registered and approved on time.
  • Head or serve on one or more committees as needed

American Dart Organization Qualifier Representative – 

  • Facilitate play of PADA local Qualifiers advancing players to the ADO National Qualifiers.
  • Ensure PADA Qualifier events are self-funding in support of ADO National Qualifiers.
    ($110 per contestant advancing)
  • Assist PADA in conducting of ADO business as well as the election of ADO Officers